(People Oriented Leader Solutions)
Engr. Pol E. Panganiban
Founder of POL Solutions
POL Solutions provides practical engineering skills training during and after commissioning phase of our projects.

We provide a "hands-on" approach to training so that employees "learn by doing" on modern industrial equipment, the emphasis is on usefull practical skills.  Our training is customized to match the specific training needs of your employees and comprehensive course notes are provided "free" for all trainees.
We believe that competence is a key success factor in the manufacturing industry today and the needs for multi-skilled people and innovative work force are becoming more critical.  To meet that demands, POL Solutions was created to provide technical training in manufacturing and engineering applications that are not found in any conventional schools. It aims to train individual that are already working in industry to enhance their understanding of their everyday work and increase their level of competencies.  The training will also improve the performance, knowledge, skills and abilities of operators, technicians, production workers, first line managers, engineers and other technical professionals.

The training materials plus the experiences of Subject Matter Experts (SME) can prove that achieving the world-class competencies in maintenance & reliability and operational excellence programs are easily achievable.   The customized training programs are 70% hands-on, 20% laboratory instructions and 10% lectures to increase the effectiveness of training, and achieve a long term results. [Please see also our Training Methodology page]

POL Solutions looks forward to this new opportunity of serving others by sharing the time and talent of SME in developing students.
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